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CCTV Service

SCOPE OF WORK :- Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Testing of CCTV Cameras at Magazine Area at HCL ,MCP and Imparting In-house Training to Work Deployed peoples for Smooth Operation of CCTV Camera Systems


CCTV Camera:- High Resolution, High Performance and High Speed Dome Cameras, It should have the following features e.g.

  1. High Speed Dome PTZ(PAN-TILT-ZOOM) Camera with ¼ Type Zoom module for minimum 500mtrs or more of focal Distance (Auto Focus Zoom Lens)
  2. Resolution Range:- 500 or more TV Lines,
  3. Automatic White Balance(AWB) with Auto focus,
  4. Day and Night(Auto/Manual) camera
  5. PAN angle:-360 degree(Endless)
  6. Built in Sensor Input/output
  7. Application:- Outdoor with IP66
  8. Cooling/Heating: Inbuilt Fan and Heater
  9. Input Power Supply:- 12 Volt (DC) (+ / -) 10%

DVR(Digital Video Recorders) :

  1. a) 8 Channel DVR: High speed and high performance
  2. b) Audio /Video Input/output :- 8 channel with Maximum frame rate.
  3. c) Recording and play back facility
  4. d) 8 channel simultaneous play back. e) IR Remote control, f) USB back up provision g) USB mouse supports h) Digital Zoom in play back and live view
  5. h) Auto data storing facility: Minimum one month of data collection & CD write facility

Computer :-18.5 inch TFT (Thin Film Transistor) Screen Computer

Camera Accessories:- Power supply Unit (SMPS) 12 volt with 1Amp.Video Balun Adopter, Pole Mount bracket, Key board Joystick Controllers etc. complete accessories for installation of  Camera systems.


UPS:On-line 2KVA UPS for Power back up with 3hrs, using SMF100AH-12V rechargeable Batteries & battery stand, 6 batteries.

Printer : On-Line Heavy duty Printer for on-line Data Printing at site

CCTV Camera Data Cables:- X 5 Core Core shielded copper cable arm oured Audio & video signal/Data cable for camera connectivity

Input Power Supply Cable for Control & Power panel: In-Put Power supply cable of X 4 core multi strand armoured copper cable.

Power supply cable to CCTV Cameras:- In-Put Power supply cable of X 4 core single strand Copper armoured cable.

LT Power Supply Panel : Panel of size : length 1.0 meter, height 1.0 meter, width 0.6 meter, double door arrangement system powder coated of 2 mm thick(each) with IP65/IP66.

        Cameras installation of Power supply panel, Cameras, TFT monitor systems and related laying of camera signal and power cables through underground and their testing at site with zooming the resolutions and data printings etc. including full-fledged testing at site with Object Zooming Viewing from the focal distances.

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