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Security Services

  1. Security Services undertakes to provide fool proof total security arrangements at your premises. Which includes creation of a security tension free environment within your premises, maintenance of access control regulation of entry in premises, protection of all company assets, surveillance and crises management?
  2. Security  Services will ensure that the security personnel so provided are fully conversant with the job of Security, Fire Fighting and Vigilance etc.
  3. Security  Services will furnish the particulars viz. Name, Fathers Name, Age, Permanent Address etc., of all the Party of 1st part one week prior to commencement of the contract.
  4. Security Services will be responsible to maintain documents of all  the statutory and non statutory obligations of labor laws applicable in the area    under the local Shops  and Commercial Establishment Act.
  5. Security  Services shall comply with all Rules and Regulation regarding Safety and Security of their men and shall have to arrange for Insurance etc. for their employees at their cost and your company will indemnify you,  in case of any mishap to their employees.
  6. That the personnel engaged by you will be under direct supervision and control of your management.
  7. Security Services shall not sub-contract the job assigned to them without your prior written permission.
  8. Security  Services shall maintain a proper record of their employees posted at your premises and shall maintain their attendance in the Muster roll prescribed under law.
  9. Security Services shall be responsible for the discipline and conduct as well as for quality of  work done by the employees employed by  them for fulfillment of our agreement. whatsoever reasons, we shall make alternative arrangements so as to enable the work to be done satisfactorily at no extra cost to you.
  10. That in case the employees of Security Services do not attend the work at any time for
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